Salam World!

How peaceful the world would be without such words like Moodi, Donald Trump, Terrorism, Unjustified unethical presence of hidden powers working to uplift their own interests just to gain some benefits.

Believe it or not, it’s all about money, business, and power.

What would happen if one part of the world starts helping the other in terms of education, poverty, ignorance, child abuse, and terrorism? How peaceful the world would be if it abandons all the programs programmed to gain power wealth and unjustified existence in the world? The answer is a simple peaceful progressive and balanced world for all of us.

Salam to those who gave the world in terms of peace love prosperity and growth without any hidden interests. I regard such figures as the true heroes of all times without the difference of class country or race.

This is my first message as a blogger, like it or not just consider it in terms of love humanity and peace.

Khuda e Paman de.

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