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(Read it at a slow pace, taking a few pauses so that you may feel what I felt while writing this blog post, It won’t take too much of your time)

Why...! the so much panic is everywhere? What happened to the current world equipped with technology, science, progress, systems, planning, and resources? Is it due to a tiny Coronavirus? Some intellectuals call it COVID-19, and for a few others, it is a horrible pandemic. 

 Alas! It took the world by storms.

Don’t you believe that Coronavirus is a message from God?

We all have been advised to take extra care nowadays; why not…! it is the care that makes us all humans.

So many instructions are there; the most major is very much symbolic, they say, 

“Wash your hands frequently.

Ahh…the instruction caught my attention; I thought, what are those hands we should wash frequently?

The hands which were involved in hideous crimes?

The hands were empowered to feed humanity with education, shelter, and food. But they didn’t.

The hands which were given powers to eradicate poverty in the world? But failed!

Or the hands which brutally murdered and assaulted poor children, women, and innocents just for the bloody powers. Why were they not labeled by the world as racists, fundamentalists, and religious extremists?

They were not.

Isn’t it the race for the survival of the fittest?

Perhaps it is!

So, I believe It’s the time to recall all our actions, thoughts, plans, mockeries, backbiting, being proud, ignorant, and careless.

The sins we earned being in isolation. The mistakes we commit consciously or unconsciously. The crimes we did individually or collectively as nations.

So allow me to say that it is something bigger and allow me to say that “Coronavirus is a message from God.”

How can the world forget the innocence of children being murdered brutally in Palestine, Kashmir, Xinjiang region, Uighurs, Mayanmar, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and many others like these???

I am sorry, but being human truly hurts.

We do pray for the Jews in the world, Christians around us, and Hindus “especially” those who killed innocent Muslims in the Indian Gujrat Riots under the supervision of Narendra Modi, but we pray for them not because they did the right thing but because my humanity and my religion taught me to do so. I also pray for Parsis and Buddhists, “especially” those responsible for the brutality in Rohingya. I pray for all the world’s religions, races, and classes. May Allah be with all of us at this difficult time.

How can we forget the Naked, tortured, and disrespected human beings in Abu Gareeb Jail? In Guantanamo Bay?

We cannot forget.

Apart from these, the suicide attacks were the most pathetic killings of all time; the countless casualties of innocents, regardless of color, class, or race, can never be justified, even if the response were the Muslims or non-Muslims. True religions do not allow such brutalities.

I mean from the day we were born, till this day of our lives.

We were involved in some way or the other.

So these are not the Hands that should be washed but the “HEARTS.”

If not done so, these Coronaviruses may keep on visiting the Earth again and again.

Wash the hearts that might be behind the conspiracy theory of Coronavirus or Contagion, whatever you name that theory.

If somehow this Virus turned out of control like the Hollow man experimented and tested in a scientific lab in a Hollywood movie many years ago, it would not stop and may take away the whole world by storm.


Let us all ask for forgiveness from the Almighty,

May He show us the right path. Aameen.

12 thoughts on “Coronavirus A Message From God”

  1. very well written – We need to learn to account our actions for the trials and tribulations we go through rather than relying on the scientific explanations. As ALLAH says in Quran, “Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by the bad deeds of mankind. “

    1. Very well thought. This is the need of time. If muslims still keep sleeping. They won’t realise where the Bad things came from. And at last what everyone will say, the rulers are not just.

  2. Absolutely Right,it’s really time to awake up everyone and must should do “self accountability “.We hv to “Call” now just one God Who Has all powers…

  3. Well said, we must wake up now, corona has struck beyond color religion boundaries, if the world does not understand now that we are all same the next will be even worse and worse.
    As Einstein said: I fear the day that technology surpass our human interaction. the world will have a generation of idiots. We must wake up and recognise there is no god but one one Allah

  4. May 10, 2020 at 12:44 am
    Very well thought. This is the need of time. If muslims still keep sleeping. They won’t realise where the Bad things came from. And at last what everyone will say, the rulers are not just.

  5. I appologise, i just went through this eye opening blog. It is a wonderful blog, greatly exposed all the oppressors of the world and their wrong doings clearly. May Allah help us all to expose such oppressors in the world courageously.
    The best part is you honestly and exactly went against the wrong doings of Muslims and Non-muslims equally. Awesome.

  6. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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