Inspiration from Real-Life Examples

It was a stormy day. Bob was sitting in a corner. All packed with pain and melancholy. It was his utmost desire to stand again, but he failed. A murmuring sound was unmistakable enough. A profound monologue was going on inside somewhere, Bob.

Alone, deserted, and disappointed, Bob whispered, “Why me? Every time? A spontaneous utterance drenched with sadness came out of Bob.

It was a stormy day, indeed. All of a sudden, something powerful shook Bob. It was not other than the soul of Thomas Edison; the soul started speaking to him all of a sudden “Bob, I remember the day when I spilled some acid onto the floor, which ate it all together. Bob, you know, I was fired from the Western Union immediately. See, the power of rejection ‘Bob…!’ turned me into What I am today ‘Thomas Edison.’

From the corner of that dark room, he heard the voice of Albert Einstien; he was trying to convince Bob with these words, “Bob, I was unable to read until I reached the age of seven; I was expelled from different schools and was rejected to enter as a student in Zurich Polytechnique school.
See how decisive this rejection was for me and how it turned poor Einstein into Albert Einstein. “
Walt Disney was another success story for Bob that night. Disney was fired from a newspaper for not being creative enough. His Micky Mouse cartoons were rejected as these were thought to be scary for women, and later his “the three little pigs” were also dismissed. But these were not the failures that turned Disney down. He made them his stepping stones, and we are thankful for his superb creations.

I can continue the hours and bring several rejections to prove its power. But let us stop and look for ourselves.

Are we not rejected in some way or the other in life?

We are all Bobs. We die a hundred deaths before we die.

But the tales I narrated in the first three paragraphs of this blog post are real tales. The power of rejection shook them all up. They lifted themselves from the level people tried to assign them. And they proved their critics wrong.

Bob came back with the power he needed the most that day.  
On this day, Bob is in the 46th year of his life and owns almost everything he wishes for. Most importantly, his self-respect, existence, and sustainable success, which he owes to God.

But how can we find the courage to stand up again after rejection?

Stand up again, as one day; your time will surely come. You will surely succeed if you believe in the power of rejection that helped Edison, Einstein, and Walt Disney.

Rejection can be a painful experience, but it doesn’t have to define us. Instead, we can use rejection as motivation and inspiration to achieve our goals. The real-life examples of Edison, Einstein, Disney, and the goat herder remind us that rejection can catalyze personal growth and success. So, let us embrace rejection and use it to propel us toward a brighter future.

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